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Casual Melancholia
piano and coffee records
EP × two singles
October 2021

French composer and pianist Casual Melancholia debuts on piano and coffee records with Daylight, an enchanting collection of pieces for organ recorded in «Saint Pierre Le Jeune», one of the most important church buildings of the city of Strasbourg, France.

Intimately captured with a strategic microphone placement and recorded directly into tape, the pieces in Daylight are rich and varied in timbre, often relentless and passionate —as we can hear on the first single Final Light and on Night— contrasted by moments of calmness and meditative, slow-paced chords —such as the opening track Dawn.

Conceptually, this release is a tribute —a prayer— to the hours of sunlight given to us every day. “My eyes were so accustomed to darkness that, when I was pushing the front door to leave the church, I had to humbly lower my head, blinded”, the composer comments, “this moment made me aware of the warmth, purity, and eternal hope that daylight shares”.

Daylight album cover mockup
Dawn single cover
Daylight and singles playing on spotify on iPhone
Daylight album cover
Final Light single cover
Daylight and singles album cover mockup