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Leon den Engelsen
piano and coffee records
LP × two singles / Digital
May 2022

“For a long time I’ve wanted to make a strictly-improvised piano album. As an improvising musician, it is important to me to reflect the ways in which I am influenced by my mood, the instrument, the sound of the room, and other external factors. That’s why, in December 2021, I gave myself a week with the piano in my home studio in Sweden to improvise and record all of it with no direction, label, playlist or audience in mind.”

After recording over 30 hours of music, Leon chose and edited the best parts that now compile his first full-length album. Home is a musical depiction of the connection Leon has with this particular piano, his home studio, the forest he can observe from his window, and Sweden, the country that he moved to recently. With this album, the Dutch composer aims to represents the joy and freedom that comes with improvisation.

Home album cover mockup
Jacht single cover
Home single cover
Melody single cover
Move single cover
Singles covers mockup
Home album cover
Home album playing on spotify
Home singles playing on spotify