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Les Fauves
Swoop & Cross
piano and coffee records
LP × two singles / CD & Digital
February 2022

Since the release of his first solo album in 2018, Swoop and Cross has been working on a new project entitled ‘Les Fauves’. As the name indicates, this project was profoundly influenced by fauvism, which inspired the use of heavy saturation, unconstrained orchestral segments and pointillistic revolving melodies and orchestrations.

Like the first renown fauvist exhibition in 1905, this album combines ‘in the same room’ various stylistically aggressive pieces with a more conservative track (‘CLVLL’), highlighting the ferocious nature of the remainder tracks of the album. It is ultimately a depiction of visual and auditory noise in nowadays’ automaton-like societies, and an attempt to prove that inner quietness, here in the form of gentle melodies, can permeate and eventually overrule such noise.

The artwork depicts a vestal virgin, which inspired track #4 ‘Vestal’, clashing restrained and feral styles, and visually represents the fight between dark and colour, between serenity and saturation.

Les Fauves album cover mockup
CLVLL single cover
The Hand single cover
Les Fauves cover, back cover and CD mockup
Les Fauves album cover
Les Fauves album playing on spotify
Les Fauves singles mockups
Les Fauves singles playing on spotify