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Olec Mün & Michael Sarian
piano and coffee records
EP × one single / CD & Digital
March 2021

'In mythology, fiction and fantasy, sea creatures have always been associated with an emotional realm too deep to convey in a real world. An emotional depth musicians, artists, aim to convey through their work in creating their own versions of the worlds they live in.

In their first collaboration, lifelong friends Michael Sarian and Olec Mün created MAKARA, channelling the legendary sea creature from Hindu mythology. Whether a dragon, a crocodile, or a gigantic fish, MAKARA is an ever-changing being, adjusting its form to fit its surroundings or necessities. Trumpet, flugelhorn and FXs from the Americas, copious synthesizers and mood-setting from the old continent, Michael Sarian and Olec Mün bridge the gap between Brooklyn and Barcelona with a 20 minute EP reminiscent  of the depths of the ocean and its magical creatures.'

Makara album cover mockup
Makara and single cover mockup
Makara whole album packaging
Makara album cover
Makara and single playing on spotify on iPhone