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Justina Jaruševičiūtė
piano and coffee records
LP × two singles
March 2021

Recorded between June and November at the amazingly sounding church Christuskirche Oberschöneweide in Berlin, Silhouettes is a soul-stirring project and an evident demonstration of Jaruševičiūtė’s remarkable compositional skills. The pieces that shape this record are often tenebrous and pensive, contrasted by a few moments in which light seems to shine through, allowing the violins, viola and violoncello to embrace us with hope and comfort. “There is a reason why the album starts with a piece named Wolf Hour and ends with Sunrise”, explains the young composer. “The hour of the wolf is that time of the night in which people wake up without any particular reason and can't fall back asleep. Last year, this happened to me numerous times, which allowed me to think about a lot of musical ideas while I waited on the sun to rise. To me, these ten compositions are like some kind of shadows, silhouettes of these sleepless nights”.

Silhouettes album cover mockup
Silhouettes and singles cover mockup
Silhouettes whole album packaging
Silhouettes and singles playing on spotify on iPhone