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Ola Wagner
piano and coffee records
EP × two singles / Digital
March 2022

Barcelona-based pianist and composer Ola Wagner debuts with Waves – a project composed out of need for stillness and calmness in chaotic and anxious times. “It all started when I was spending my lockdown on a ship, during long weeks of waiting, anchored at the sea. It was a really weird time for me, and the most intense thing about that experience was this constant mix of contradictory feelings, like being anxious about the future and at the same time feeling really peaceful being surrounded by an endless ocean.”

This EP is an attempt to capture with sound some of those contradictions, some subtle, difficult to describe, obscure emotions. Wagner focused on the natural qualities of upright piano; sounds of hammers, uncontrolled noises of piano mechanism became to her equally important and a very inspiring part of music.

Waves cover mockup
Flying Fish single cover
Waves Singles mockup
House 119 single cover
Waves playing on spotify
Waves album cover
Waves singles playing on spotify