Hi, I'm Celia.
I'm a graphic designer and visual artist focusing on music, cinema, art and culture.
I'm based in Bath... and Madrid. I travel a lot.
‍I studied graphic design at ESDM (Madrid's Superior Design School) and did a year at Bath Spa School of Design. I have a First Class degree.
‍I’m passionate about the cultural realm of visual communication: music, art, cinema, literature, history, etc. I am also very focused on social issues like feminism, specially when relating them back to culture.
Nostalgia tends to make its way into my work, which is often quite poetic and always involving emotion.
I work on many different areas of visual communication, usually through digital mediums, with a deep interest in typography, texture, color and photography.
I have a passion for album cover design. I am currently collaborating with various record labels creating striking visuals that capture the essence of all kinds of music.
I also have experience in brand identity, poster design, infographics, editorial, web, and motion graphics.
Past and present clients
Universal Music / Mercury KX / piano and coffee co / piano and coffee records / Blackbook Music / NEO2 Magazine / UNED / Funcas / Círculo Cívico de Opinión / Divulga
Achievements & Press
/ Arose typeface published on Neo2 Magazine. 2020.
/ Arose typeface published on Type Department. 2021.
Employed experience
/ Graphic design internship at NEO2 Magazine. 2019.
/ Graphic design internship at Gestión de Diseño. 2018.
/ First Class Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design at ESDM. 2016–21.
/ Erasmus year at Bath Spa University. 2018–19.
/ International Exchange year in USA. 2014–15.